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Robert M. Hammond

Robert M. HammondDistrict 1 (2012-2016)

Serving Fountain Valley, Santa Ana, portions of Garden Grove and portions of Tustin.

Biographical Information

Mr. Robert Hammond is serving in his first elected position in public office.

Mr. Hammond was born and raised in Orange County. He attended private school through fourth grade and then continued in Orange Unified School District. After graduating from Orange High in 1979 (class of the “Figs”), he volunteered for the US Marine Corps and served with Ronald Reagan as his Commander-in-Chief.  He was a Combat Engineer and was the assistant platoon leader of his training detachment.  He subsequently was cross-trained in three additional areas (Direct Air Support, Administrative Files & Directives, and Postal).  During his time in the Marines, he learned how important communications are and the ramifications of failing to understand and follow sound direction from experienced leaders.  Looking for additional leadership opportunities, he completed his military service at MCAS El Toro in 1984 and prepared to continue his education.

In 1986, Robert attended Fullerton College where he helped to re-start Young Americans for Freedom.  Among his responsibilities was the task of helping to organize and to bring conservative speakers to the college twice a year.  He also spent every semester broadcasting over the radio.  He graduated from Fullerton College with a Liberal Arts Degree.  Robert then attended the University of La Verne in 1989 and graduated two years later with a BA in Broadcast Communications with a Religion Minor. While attending the university, and continuing after graduation, Robert worked with Focus on the Family in helping to produce their radio shows in English and Spanish.

Starting in 1987, Robert worked as a referee for youth, high school, travel ball, and college level sports. He continues to referee and helps coach for the youth as a way to give back to and support the community.

Robert embarked on a teaching career in 1993 and taught Special Education for six years. He finished teaching with a 5th grade Structured English Immersion class in Santa Ana. After this, Robert moved into a support role for teachers by training teachers and working with parents to teach reading to students. Robert also spent time teaching adults how to read. Robert and his wife, Dawn, started a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching children and adults how to read and improve their writing.

Personally, Robert believes in and promotes parental rights, personal responsibility, greater educational options (more Vocational Education, Charter Schools, and Home Schools), and Checks and Balances. As a conservative, he supports small, reasonable, responsibly-run, financially frugal, limited government and is willing to pay for this.

Robert has been married to his wife, Dawn (who is a former English teacher), for nineteen years.  They have two children, Micah and Jenna Eve, both of whom have been home schooled. Robert and his son are in their fourth year of participating in Boy Scouts, and Robert is a leader within the Troop.  Mr. Hammond and his family live in Santa Ana and attend Calvary Chapel of Old Towne.

Only by working together and communicating with community leaders and parents does Robert believe we can make positive educational changes while protecting our freedoms along with the future of our children.