Peer Conflict Mediation

The Peer Mediation Coordinator Training for Elementary and Secondary (Middle and High School) is a two-day training designed for teachers, counselors, school administrators, or afterschool program staff who would like to develop a peer-to-peer student conflict mediation program on their campus. All participants of this training will receive the Community Boards Conflict Manager curriculum, one of the longest standing peer-to-peer mediation models in the United States.
What is Peer Mediation?
Selected peer mediators are trained as active problem solvers for a range of disputes. This includes gossip, rumors, friendship, cliques, exclusion, name calling, stereotyping, harassment, and bullying.
When students become involved in a non-physical dispute, Conflict Managers assist them by using a problem-solving process that helps to clarify the nature of the conflict and to reach a solution satisfactory to all disputants. This can benefit schools because staff spend less time on discipline and problem-solving, and the overall school climate can improve. The Conflict Manager Program is an ongoing resource which complements other school rules and positive behavior programs.
Several studies have documented the effectiveness of conflict resolution and peer mediation. A research summary on the effectiveness of Peer Mediation Training from the California Department of Education (Getting Results) stated, "without conflict resolution training, children tend to use either forceful, heavy-handed or withdrawal strategies in conflict situations. Participation in training and experience as a peer mediator appear to have potential to expand children's repertoire of behaviors in conflict situations."
Skills Conflict Managers learn and practice:
  • Improved language and communication skills
  • Easy problem-solving techniques applicable to many situations
  • Empathy
  • Teamwork
  • Awareness and appreciation of differences and diversity
  • Leadership and role-modeling skills

Source: Community Boards, California Department of Education, Getting Results