Diversity and Social Justice Forum and Movie Series


What is needed? 

We need your knowledge, experience and passion to expand the work within Orange County.

How will Forums and Movies address this? 

Our 2 hour forum meetings or movie screenings will use different learning modalities to think critically and to:

  • Examine current research and best practices
  • Learn new skills and strategies
  • Look at "where we are" in our own personal cultural awareness journeys
  • Enhance organizational capacity to tackle sensitive issues with groups and organizations 

2013-14 Goals 

  1. With School Climate as the organizing factor, address the following issues:
    • Disproportionality in discipline
    • Student engagement
    • Drop-out prevention
    • Bullying prevention
    • Multicultural education
    • Academic Achievement Gap
  2. Increase awareness of diversity issues in OC schools and create a lens to asses current school practices. ​

Diversity and Social Justice Forum and Movie Screenings:  

Topics and Dates: 
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Academic Achievement Gap:
Living in Poverty:
Gender Issues:
Health Disparities:

Community Guidelines 

  1. Use "I" Statements
  2. Practice Active Listening
  3. Exercise Patience
  4. Be Respectful
  5. Take Risks (step outside your comfort zone)
  6. Be Honest
  7. Take Personal Responsibility (for your learning, for how you treat others, for the things you say)
  8. Promote Cultural Awareness and Understanding (be aware of comments/labels/words that may be offensive or hurtful to others from different cultures)
  9. Respect Confidentiality
  10. Agree to Disagree​