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Building a pedagogy of engagement for students in poverty."

"Pushing Past the Achievement Gap: An Essay on the Language of Deficit".  An article from the Journal of Negro Education written by Gloria Ladson-Billings.

The Civil Rights Project: Suspended Education in California.pdf. A report by The Center for Civil Rights Remedies at the UCLA Civil Rights Project.




Cyberbulling Prevention and Response: Expert Perspective by Justin W. Patchin & Sameer Hinduja 

 Just as the previous generation was raised in front of televisions, adolescents at the turn of the 21st century are being raised in an internet-enabled world where blogs, social networking, and instant messageing are competing with face-to-face and telephone communication as the dominant means through which personal interaction takes place. Unfortunately, a small but growing proportion of our youth are being exposed online to interpersonal violence, aggression, and harassment via cyberbullying. The mission of this book is to explore the many critical issues surrounding this new phenomenon.


Managing Diverse Classrooms: How To Build On Students' Cultural Strengths by Elise Trumbull, Carrie S. Rothstein-Fisch  

This book will help you understand some of the most powerful cultural differences that can lead to classroom conflict for many students and how you can actually capitalize on these differences to make your classroom a harmonious, productive environment. Drawing from a seven-year action research study of elementary classrooms with high percentages of immigrant students, the authors describe a two-part framework that makes many cultural differences understandable and easier to bridge. 

The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander: From Preschool to High School -- How Parents and Teachers Can Help Break the Cycle by Barbara Coloroso 

It's the deadliest combination going: bullies who terrorize, bullied kids who are afraid to tell, bystanders who watch, and adults who see the incidents as a normal part of childhood. All it takes to understand that this is a recipe for tragedy is a glance at headlines across the country. In this book, one of the world's most trusted parenting educators gives parents, caregivers, educators -- and most of all, kids -- the tools to break the cycle of violence. 

Why Race and Culture Matter in Schools: Closing the Achievement Gap in America's Classrooms by Tyron C. Howard  

While race and culture remain important variables in how young people experience schools, they are often misunderstood by educators and school personnel. Building on the work of three studies that investigated schools successful in closing the achievement gap, Tyrone Howard shows how adopting greater awareness and comprehensive understanding of race and culture can improve educational outcomes. Important reading for anyone who is genuinely committed to promoting educational equity and excellence for all children.

Culturally Proficient Practice: Supporting Educators of English Learning Students by Eyes Quezada, Delores Lindsey, and Randall Lindsey 

U.S. demographics are quickly shifting, and it is more important than ever to reach and teach English learning students. Designed to empower educators to become agents of change in their classrooms, schools, and communities, this guide introduces the principles of Cultural Proficiency and how they can help improve educators' ability to effectively teach English language learners.