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Cultural Proficiency Institute

​“Our education service agency (Great Prairie Area Education Agency) sent 6 staff to the Cultural Proficiency institute to learn and better understand the work needed for all children to be successful in education.  We came away from the institute not only with a deeper understanding of Cultural Proficiency work, but energized to make a positive difference in the relationships in our work place, our schools, and our communities on behalf of children.  Relationships make a difference, and their power is amazing.  The institute gave us​ tools to use and in the two years since, we have embedded the work in our learning and in our teaching.  We are learning about ourselves, our beliefs, and serving others to do the same. Thank you for the opportunity to grow, to learn, to believe! "

K. Gavin, Agency Administrator ​
What Is Cultural Proficiency?

"Cultural proficiency" helps organizations respond in healthy ways to diversity by developing inclusive policies and practices. It is a vital component of increased student achievement and in preparing graduates for the workforce.

Significant benefits of cultural proficiency include:

•   Enhanced abilities of students to learn and teachers to teach
•   Improved student identify, self-esteem and confidence
•   Preparation of students to find their place in the global
•   Promotion of positive community relations 
•   Increased​ mutual support and respect among educators

Attendees of this in-depth, three-day Cultural Proficiency Institute will:

•   Clarify understanding of cultural competence
•   Learn about practices of culturally proficient leaders
•   Increase knowledge of specific tools of cultural proficiency
•   Meet and interact with authors of books on cultural proficiency
•   Hear from special quests successfully addressing these issues

About The Cultural Proficiency Institute

This Institute is for educators, business leaders, consultants, and human resource managers, who want to improve the cultures of their organizations and the delivery of service to their clients, colleagues and community. It is for people who want to engage in reflective conversations about their practice for people who want to participate in the movement of practitioners using the tools developed by Terry Cross. There will be three tracks:

1.  Introduction to Cultural Proficiency - workshops on the elements,
     principles, guidelines and barriers to success.

2.  Going deeper with Cultural Proficiency - workshops to help
     practitioners use the tools to improve service.

3.  Voices from the Field - Presentations from those across the
     nation who are using the principles in their work.

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