Clear Administrative Services Credential Program


The Clear Administrative Services Credential Program (formally known as AB430 or ATP) is an approved California credential program for administrators who possess a preliminary administrative services credential.  During this two-year,  coach-based program, candidates will enhance the leadership skills acquired during their preliminary administrative services credential program so they will be able to:
  • maintain the organization's focus on a shared vision that promotes equitable teaching and learning opportunities for all students;
  • support all members of the school community in sustaining a culture of excellence and responsibility;
  • align management strategies with the organization's goals that define teaching and learning;
  • elicit and embed family and community interests into the decision-making process;
  • demonstrate personal and professional ethics that puts the interests of all stakeholders ahead of personal interests;
  • understand and implement current educational policies, serving as an advocate for all students; and
  • demonstrate competence as defined in the eight Institute for Leadership's candidate competences.


 Clear Administrative Services Credential Overview

Brochu​re: ClearCrede​ntialBrochure2020.pdf

Handbook: Clear Handbook July 2019 - June 2021.pdf

Financing: Special Curriculum Loan Brochure.pdf

​Application: Application.Clear.pdf

​​Commitment: Candidate Letter of Commitment.pdf

​Employer Agreement: Employer Agreement for Clear.pdf

Financial Payment Agreement: Financial Agreement for Clear

 Contact Information

​​ Kathy Boyd, Director 

(714) 708-5880

Amanda Baird, Ed.D., Coordinator

(714) 708-4985

Jacquelyn Leyva, Administrative Assistant

(714) 966-3526​