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Education Specialist Induction Program

​​​​For more information please contact:​​​​​
Kathy Boyd
Kathie Standart
Administrative Supervisor
Amanda Baird
Phone: 714-708-4985
Nicole Stephenson
Senior Administrative Assistant
Phone: 714-708-5893​​
Mailing Address for Applications:​​​​​
Orange Co​​unty Department of Education
200 Kalmus Drive, Costa Mesa, CA  92626​​
Attn: Nicole Stephenson
The Orange County Department of Education's  Education Specialist Induction Program provides a two-year Induction Program to educators employed as public and private school teachers throughout Orange County. Our mission is to support beginning teachers in their acquisition of the knowledge, skills, and core values necessary to become highly qualified professionals who effectively impact student achievement.
The Induction Program is delivered through:
  • individualized support provided weekly through face-to-face sessions facilitated by an NTC-trained mentor; and
  • additional support provided by "just-in-time" content experts; and
  • professional development designed specifically for newly-credentialed Special Education teachers
A CTC-approved, two-year induction program is the preferred pathway to securing a Clear Education Specialist teaching credential. All program candidates are supported by a community of professional educators, that includes  program specialists, instructors with targeted content expertise, mentors and fellow participating candidates who collaborate monthly during OCDE-sponsored Network Meetings.
Participating candidates who also hold a valid Preliminary Multiple and/or Single Subject teaching credential may enroll in the Education Specialist Dual Induction Program.  Upon completion of the two-year  Education Specialist Induction program, these candidates are also eligible to clear their General Education credential as well.