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Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

​​​​​The Orange County Department of Education Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program is designed for aspiring school administrators who seek to develop the skills to effectively lead a 21st century educational organization.  The sixteen (16) month model is a blend of coursework and performance-based tasks, providing ongoing opportunities for candidates to learn educational theory and apply that understanding in authentic in-class and in-field environments.  The California Administrator Performance Expectations (CAPE's) define the six categories of leadership as:

*Development and Implementation of a Shared Vision

*Instructional Leadership

*Management and the Learning Environment

*Family and Community Engagement

*Ethics and Integrity

*External Context and Policy

COHORT 14 HANDBOOK:  C14 PASC Handbook.pdf

Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program Overview

Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program        


 To apply for the upcoming Cohort 15 Preliminary Administrative Services Credential, 

                 Please call Amanda Baird (714) 708-4985 or Larry Mauzey (714) 708-5886

                             To request for an application packet, send your mailing address to:

                                                      or Call (714) 966-3526

Additional Documents Required with Application:

  • Resume
  • Letter of Interest
  • Supervisor's Recommendation Form
  • Tuition Agreement
  • $500 Non-refundable Deposit
  • Proof of passing CBEST or Basic Skills requirement        

           Amanda Baird      

    (714) 708-4985
    Larry Mauzey, Cohort Advisor
    (714) 708-5886
    Jacquelyn Leyva
     Administrative Assistant
    (714) 966-3526