Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

​The Orange County Department of Education Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program is designed for aspiring school administrators who seek to develop the skills to effectively lead a 21st century educational organization.  The sixteen (16) month model is a blend of coursework and performance-based tasks, providing ongoing opportunities for candidates to learn educational theory and apply that understanding in authentic in-class and in-field environments.  The California Administrator Performance Expectations (CAPE's) define the six categories of leadership as:

*Development and Implementation of a Shared Vision

*Instructional Leadership

*Management and the Learning Environment

*Family and Community Engagement

*Ethics and Integrity

*External Context and Policy

COHORT 13 HANDBOOK:  PASC Cohort 13 Handbook.pdf

Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program Overview

Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program        


 To apply for the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Cohort 14,​ 

                 Please call Amanda Baird (714) 708-4985 or Larry Mauzey (714) 708-5886

                             To request for an application packet, send your mailing address to:

                                                      or Call (714) 966-4207

Additional Documents Required with Application:

  • Resume
  • Letter of Interest
  • Supervisor's Recommendation Form
  • Tuition Agreement
  • $500 Non-refundable Deposit
  • Proof of passing CBEST or Basic Skills requirement        

           Amanda Baird      

    (714) 708-4985
    Larry Mauzey, Cohort Advisor
    (714) 708-5886
    Lucy McGinley, PPS
    Senior Administrative Assistant
    (714) 966-4207