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Pathways in Orange County from High School to Post-Secondary

plan-creative-class-library-student-teacher-ideas-PJBYH26.jpgCore academics and Career Technical Education (CTE) courses should work in tandem to support career readiness by encouraging the development of the academic knowledge and technical skills that are, together, increasingly important to students’ overall employability.

OC Pathways considers how core academic courses can connect to the 15 industry sectors. These connections are outlined through the development of an Integrated Program of Study to show how UCCI, dual enrollment, integrated UC, and CTE courses can be embedded to enhance student learning.

Elements of Pathways in Orange County 


Download the Pathways in Orange County from High School to Post-Secondary​ by sector and sub-pathway.

Example of Pathways in Orange County from High School to Post-Secondary​ 

04-182 Business Management with CC.jpg