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Integrated Program of Study - Esports

​​​​​​​​​The North ​America Scholastic Esports Federation's (NASEF's) esports
ecosystem serves as a framework to better understand the workforce
opportunities within esports.
What does this mean for students?
This means that when we talk about engaging all students, we really mean ALL students.
Rather than focusing on the 5-6 players on an esports team, students are exposed to the wide var
iety of roles, they expand their skills, and gain real experience in future potential career aspirations.​​​
The field of esports can provide students with the academic and technical skills necessary to succeed in future STEM and non-STEM postsecondary learning opportunities and careers. 
What are those career pathways that lead to careers in the field of esports?  
Career Technical Education curriculum has been developed that involves a multiyear sequence of courses for students in grades 8-12, that integrate core academic and technical knowledge with 25 courses.

Download the Esports Integrated Program of Study​ by Sector and sub pathway.

For more information about Esports, contact:

Kevin Brown, Esports Program Specialist, OCDE

Example of Ingegrated Program of Study - EsportsBusiness Management eSports Certificate Matrix (E, BizDev).jpg