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K12 Strong Workforce Program (K12 SWP)

What is K12 SWP?

 Governor Brown's 2018-2019 budget allocated $164 million to the California Community College Chancellor's office to fund regional collaboration for K12 Career Education. 

To learn more about K12 SWP and view the Request for Application (RFA), click here.


What is Orange County's allocation? 

The allocation amounts are comprised of the following weighted factors: 
  • The region's unemployment rate (comprises 33% of the allocation formula)
  • The region's total average daily attendance for pupils grades 7-12, inclusive (comprises 33% of the allocation formula)
  • The proportion of projected job openings (34% of the allocation formula) 


References & Resources

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OC Pathways
Conceptual Model (How will OC approach K12 SWP?)
OC Pathways K12 SWP Timeline (Chronological List of All Convenings, Meetings, etc.)

California Community Colleges (Doing What MATTERS)
Request for Application

K12 SWP Program Timeline - DoingWhatMatters.JPG 
Funding Overview PowerPoint Presentationcoppt.JPG