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OC Pathways Showcase

​​The OC Pathways Showcase is an annual celebration of the partnership between industry and educational leaders and their joint efforts to equip the next generation and fortify the county's workforce. Since 2015, we've gathered each year to showcase student projects and career paths and to recognize the ways in which business partners and educational leaders are co-creating the workforce of the future.



​​​"Your ​Future Workforce Is Here!"

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The fifth annual OC Pathways Showcase will feature student interns and their business partners in 15 distinct career sectors. You can register for the OC Pathways Showcase here!


"Our Humanity, Our Technology, Our Future"

The 2018 OC Pathways Showcase took place on November 27 at Edwards Lifesciences in Irvine, CA. Featuring student-led exhibits and two Keynote presentations from Edward Lifesciences executives, the event highlighted the collaborative efforts of schools, colleges, and businesses to forge career pathways and establish work-based learning opportunities for students. 



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