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Direct Support Professional (DSP) Training Program

​​​​​​​Welcome to the official website for the Direct Support Professional Training & Testing Program serving the Los Angeles and Orange County regions.​ This training program is offered by the Career Education Unit of the Orange County Department of Education. We provide testing and training for people who work in a variety of group homes.

Direct Support Professional (DSP) Training Program and Challenge Testing for Year 1 and Year 2

DSP Training and Testing is open to Direct Support Professionals and administrators currently working in licensed community care facilities.  Each individual is required to provide a vendor code and formal photo identification at the time of registration.  DSP Year-1 and Year-2 certification is a requirement for employment.

DSP training covers the following: Developmental Disabilities; Communication; Wellness; Teaching Strategies; Training Strategies; Positive Behavioral Support; Daily Living; Individual Rights; Laws and Regulations; and Recreation and Leisure.  Day and evening training programs are available on a monthly basis.

DSP Challenge Testing is available to Direct Support Professionals and administrators who prefer not to complete the training program.  Morning and afternoon testing is available on a monthly basis.  The Department of Developmental Services requires the training class if the Challenge Tests are not passed on the first attempt.


Only direct support staff, including supervisors and administrators who provide direct care, currently employed in Community Care Facilities (CCFs) vendored by the regional center are eligible to take the Direct Support Professional Training (DSPT).  Registration for DSPT must be completed using the eDSPT online registration and certification system. DSPs must create their own account.

To register for a DSP Training Program or Challenge Test, please go to

Have the following information available when you register:

  • Personal Email address
  • Phone number
  • Social Security Number
  • Facility Vendor Number where employed
  • Facility or Administrator email address where employed

For assistance with registration, call the eDSPT Helpline at 800-910-4604.

Results Notification

Approximately 20 days after completion of the Training Class or Challenge Test, direct support staff and the administrator of the facility in which they are employed will receive email notification of results (a Certification Notice, a Certification Notice with Additional Training Needed, a Failure Notice, or an Incomplete/Failure Notice).  All Certification Notices can be accessed online at  Failure notifications cannot be accessed online.  Paper certificates will no longer be issued.

DSPT Attendance Policy

Training Class attendance is very important.  Direct support staff may not miss more than 3 hours of classroom instruction.  If more than 3 hours of instruction is missed, the computerized attendance system will automatically drop the DSP and the DSP must retake the entire year of training.

Service Hub Contact Information

Amanda Baird - Coordinator                                   Nicole Stephenson - Project Manager
(714) 708-4985                                                         (714) 708-5893                                                 


Regional Center Advisory meetings will be scheduled annually.  Please contact Nicole Stephenson (714) 708-5893, to join the advisory group.  

2022 - 2023 Regional Advisory Meetings - (click to access meeting materials)​​

2021 - 2022 Regional Advisory Meetings - (click to access meeting minutes)​​


For more information about DSPT, contact the Department of Developmental Service’s website at, email, or call the toll-free number at 800-622-8904.

For questions regarding DSPT registration or Results Notification, contact the eDSPT Helpline at 800-910-4604.

For DSPT implementation concerns, contact the California Department of Education (CDE):

DSPT Project Monitor
Tara Neilson
DSPT Fiscal Monitor
Lisa Schiro