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CTE Curriculum

​Industry Sectors and Pathways

The​​ 15 CTE Industry Sectors and the 58 pathways are used as an organizing tool for CTEp's curriculum design and instruction. The sectors and pathways provide the essential knowledge, skills, and functions as a useful guide in developing programs of study bridging secondary and postsecondary curriculum and for creating individual student plans of study for a complete range of career options. As such, it helps students discover their interests and their passions, and empowers them to choose the educational pathway that can lead to success in high school, college and career. Click on the sector icon below​ to view CTEp's course outline​s by pathway. ​

Agriculture and Natural Resources.png

Arts, Media, and Entertainment.png
Building and Construction Trades.gifBusiness and Finance.png
Education, Child Development, and Family Services.png
​​Agriculture and Natural Resources
Arts, Media, and Entertainment​​Building and Construction Trades 
Business and Finance​Education, Child Development, and Family Services​​
Energy, Environment, and Utilities.gif
Engineering and Architecture.gif
Fashion and Interior Design.png
Health Science and Medical Technology.gif
Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation.png
Energy, Environment, and Utilities​
Engineering and Architecture ​Fashion and Interior Design​Health Science and Medical Technology    ​Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation​
Information and Communication Technologies.gif
Manufacturing and Product Development.png
Marketing, Sales, and Service.png
Public Services.png
Information and Communication Technologies  
​Manufacturing and Product Development
​Marketing, Sales, and Service  
​Public Services 



Energy, Environment, and Utilities.gifEnergy, Environment, and Utilities (no developed courses in this pathway)

Manufacturing and Product Development.pngManufacturing and Product Development (no developed courses in this pathway)