Curriculum and Instruction

​​CTEp’s mission is to ensure that all students graduate from high school fully prepared for both College and Career. To accomplish this, we provide a full array of courses that integrate core academics, state-of-the-art technologies and 21st Century skills. As an active member of a variety of vibrant and supportive county-wide collaboratives, CTEp has partnerships with post-secondary institutions and businesses that provide valuable opportunities for students. For example, many of the courses satisfy UC and CSU “a-g” entrance requirements, as well as provide opportunities to earn both high school and college credit through articulat​ed courses. In addition, students in several pathways can gain industry certifications and participate in a variety of work-based learning activities. These include internships at local businesses where they can apply academic theory to solve real-world problems, practice team work, and begin to apply soft-skills so vital to their preparation and success in the high wage, high skill careers of the future.

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Jillian Johnson-Sharp,  M.A. Ed.

Education Services, Career Education | Orange County Department of Education


Joyce Foss, M.A.Ed.

Curriculum Specialist 
Educational Services, Career Education| Orange County Department of Education


David Foster​, DC, M.Ed., DACBP, CSCS​ 

Curriculum Specialist  Educational  Services, Career Education | Orange County Department of Education​

Chrissy Cherry ​

Instructional Programs Assistant  Educational Services, Career Education | Orange County Department of Education​

Julie Escala

Instructional Programs Assistant Educational Services, Career Education | Orange County Department of Education

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