Fullerton College

Please note that articulation agreements must be renewed annually and are subject to change. Current agreements with Fullerton College.
​High School Course College Course ​ Credits
​Accounting with QuickBooks ​ACCT 001 F and ACCT 104F ​5
Criminal Justice/Criminal Procedures CSI ​AJ 100 F Introduction to Law Enforcement 3​
Theatre Technology I ​Theatre 141 F ​3
​​Video Production I ​CRTV 150​ Television Studio Production 3​​
For high school/ROP students who want to earn community college credit at Fullerton College for their ROP/CTE high school course:
  1. Enroll in an articulated course at your high school/ROP.
    Complete the articulated high school/ROP course with a grade of “B” or better*. *(this may vary by course – check with your high school instructor).
  2. Receive a  Fullerton College – NOCCD CTE Articulation Certification Form from your teacher at the end of your high school/ROP course. 

  3. Enroll at Fullerton College and complete the Matriculation program (assessment, orientation, and advisement).  Contact Fullerton College’s Counseling Department for more information about the Matriculation Program
  4. Send your signed Fullerton College – NOCCD CTE Articulation Certification and a sealed official high school or ROP transcript to the CTE Director, Candy Cantrell, at Fullerton College. (see name/address below).
  5. Successfully complete six or more academic units with a grade of “C” or better at Fullerton College within two years of completing the high school/ROP course.
  6. After successfully completing six units of credit, send or give a sealed copy of your Fullerton College transcript to the Fullerton College CTE Director, Candy Cantrell.
  7. The CTE Director will send all of your articulation forms and transcripts to the Admissions and Records office for processing.
  8. The Admissions and Records Office will issue college credit for your articulated course(s) and notify the Tech Prep Director. 
  9. The Tech Prep Director will notify you that you have completed the articulation process and received credit on your college transcript for the articulated course(s).
If you have any questions or need any help with this process, please contact the CTE Director at Fullerton College.
Please send the CTE Articulation Certification form and your official transcripts to:
Fullerton College
Candy Cantrell
CTE Director
320 Chapman Avenue
Fullerton, CA  92832
(714) 992 – 7203