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Guest Speakers

Guest speaker visits are typically an early career awareness activity, at least in part because they involve less student preparation and easier employer recruitment than some other forms of work-based learning (WBL). They are also well-suited to be younger students' first introduction to WBL and build awareness in many students at a time. Guest speakers can enhance the relevance of classroom learning and broaden student awareness of potential careers and the education and training required to enter them. ​



WHY? Student Learning Outcomes of awareness experiences:
  • Describe different careers and the basic pathways leading to a variety of careers
  • Describe how basic skills such as math and reading are used in the workplace
  • Explain the importance of post-secondary education and training following high school graduation

HOW? Characteristics of awareness experiences:

  • Expose students to a variety of careers by connecting them with business partners (in-person or virtual)
  • Allow students to begin identifying areas of career interest
  • Allow students to observe, receive information, and ask questions to acquire knowledge and awareness
  • Relate school with the world of work by connecting careers to Academy/Pathway and post-secondary education
  • Can include classroom projects which emulate workplace projects