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Internship -Industry Partners

​An internship is a culminating work-based learning activity that occurs within a workplace setting, involving direct interaction between students and local business and industry.  Internships take place over a specified period of time, and are connected to the student's program of instruction. The focus of the internship is for the benefit of the intern and does not displace regular employees.  It occurs under supervision of the business partner, and can vary in the length of time involvement.

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​​​Comm​unity Classroom/Cooperative Vocational Education ​

Community Classroom/Cooperative Vocational Education are career preparation activities that involves direct interactions between students and employers over a specified period of time and are compensated in various ways.

For Industry Partners

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​WHY? Student Learning Outcomes of work based learning experiences:

  • Assess individual strengths and weaknesses in the workplace
  • Demonstrate appropriate business dress, behavior, and etiquette
  • Demonstrate job-specific knowledge and skills
  • Apply academic skills appropriate to the workplace
  • Explain the connections between job requirements and academic skills
  • Describe the value of WBL to younger students, peers, and adults
  • Develop career goals and a plan for achieving them​

HOW? Characteristics of WBL experiences:

  • Direct interaction with partners over time
  • Application of skills transferable to a variety of careers
  • Activities that have consequences and value beyond success in the classroom
  • Learning for students and benefits to partners that are equally valued ​​