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​​Community Classroom/Cooperative Vocational Education ​

Community Classroom/Cooperative Vocational Education are career preparation activities that involves direct interactions between students and employers over a specified period of time and are compensated in various ways.

For WBL Organizers

WHY? Student Learning Outcomes of work based learning experiences:

  • Assess individual strengths and weaknesses in the workplace

  • Demonstrate appropriate business dress, behavior, and etiquette

  • Demonstrate job-specific knowledge and skills

  • Apply academic skills appropriate to the workplace

  • Explain the connections between job requirements and academic skills

  • Describe the value of WBL to younger students, peers, and adults

  • Develop career goals and a plan for achieving them

HOW? Characteristics of WBL experiences:

  • Direct interaction with partners over time

  • Application of skills transferable to a variety of careers

  • Activities that have consequences and value beyond success in the classroom

  • Learning for students and benefits to partners that are equally valued ​