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Orange Coast Community College

Articulated Courses


Please note that articulation agreements must be renewed annually and are subject to change.


HS/ROP Course Title                                            OCC Course Title/Number

Aviation I & Aviation II                                             Private Pilot Aviation Ground School APT 130

Career Focus-Aviation & Aerospace                    Basic Air Transportation APT180


Culinary Arts*                                                             Sanitation & Safety/FSM A160

Culinary & Restaurant Management*                   Sanitation & Safety/FSM A160

Robotics I                                                                  Robotics I Mechanics & Design/


Sports Medicine                                                       Sports Medicine/KIN A273

Art of TV and Video Production                         Video Workshop FILM A110 (Pending)

* FSM A160- Students must receive 54 hours of instruction on Sanitation & Safety and submit documentation that they have taken the ServSafe Exam (passing the exam is desired, but not required.)

Technical Advanced Placement (TAP) Process for Students

The CTE Transitions process is called Technical Advanced Placement (TAP) at Orange Coast College.

TAP Placement Process

1. Earn a grade of "A" or "B" in an articulated CTE course at your high school/ROP.

2. Obtain your official high school transcript showing the title and course number of your articulated CTE classes (es).

3. Apply to OCC using the online enrollment application as follows:

  • ​​Go to the college website​
  • Find "Get Started" at the bottom left of the home page
  • Click "Apply Now"
  • Read and complete the "Tell Us About Yourself" section, then click "continue."
  • Complete the application form and hit "submit"
  • Allow three to five business days to receive your notice of admission.

4. Upon receipt of your notice of admission, call the OCC counseling office at 714-432-5078 to schedule an appointment with a counselor. NOTE: The counseling office is located in Watson Hall on Pirate Way, directly facing Fairview Road. 

5. Present your official high school transcript to the OCC counselor at your appointment and request that the counselor sign your TAP Petition. (See reverse for a sample of the petition form.)

6. Present the signed TAP petition form and your official high school transcript to the Graduation Office, which is downstairs on the first floor of Watson Hall.

7. The Graduation Office will process your TAP petition and post credit(s) for your articulated courses on your OCC transcript when you are enrolled as an OCC student.​

For questions or concerns about processing of TAP credits for CTE classes, please call the Office of Career Education at 714-432-5582.

2016-2017 TAP Form   

2016-2017 FINAL TAP Student Petition Form.pdf