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Santa Ana College

Articulation Process​​​

Students who have a signed completion certificate from their ROP/ High School teacher may be able to obtain college credit from Santa Ana College. This is accomplished by enrolling in the college within two years of completing the course and following the procedures below.

  1. Bring your Completion of Articulated Course  form signed by your ROP/High School instructor and your high school transcript to the following office:
  2. Parking:  visitor parking is available in front of the Administration Building. (The Administration Building faces 17th street and there are two flagpoles in front of it).
  3. Provide your signed Completion of Articulated Course  form and your high school transcript to the Human Services and Technology Division and explain that you would like to obtain college credit.
  4.  In order to receive credit, you must be registered in at least one class at SAC for the current semester.  You will need to go to admissions as part of the process.
  5. The Agreement may require that you take an exam or provide a portfolio to a college faculty member in order to receive credit.  You may need to make an appointment and schedule a time to accomplish that at a later date.  Ask in VL-204 if you need help.
  6. Once you complete the process, “Credit by Exam” units will be added to your college transcript.  No letter grade is given.


Thank you for your interest in the Santa Ana College.


Articulated Courses


Please note that articulation agreements must be renewed annually and are subject to change.
CTEp Course NameCollege CourseCredits Agreement Active Dates College
3D Computer Aided Design Manufacturing Tech 103 or Engineering 103 3
Art of Animation I (UC)Animation- Art -18432016- 2019
Art of Digital Photography (UC)Photography 18032015 - Present SAC
Art of Graphic Design I (UC)Art 19532015 -Present
Auto MLR I & II (UC)Auto Tech 106 Maintenance or Auto Tech 102 Essentials
3 or 4 2015-Present SAC
Careers in Education (UC)
Education 113 (1 Unit), Counseling 114 & 106 (1 Unit each)32015 - Present SAC
Child Development (UC)
Child Development​ 10732010-Present SAC
Culinary and Restaurant Management I (UC)Culinary 11032015 - Present SAC
Culinary Arts (UC)Culinary 11032015 - Present SAC
EMT EMT 104 and EMT 105112017-PresentSAC
Fashion Design and Merchandising I Fashion 10032015 -Present SAC
Fashion EcommerceFashion 14032018 - Present SAC
Fire Technology (Fire Service) Fire Technology 10132015 - Present SAC
Global Marketing Business 106 Culture and International Business3Any teachers offering this class will need to meet with Santa Ana College first. SAC
International Business BC C125- Introduction to International Business 3Any teachers offering this class will need to meet with Santa Ana College first. SAC
Law and Order UC Law 1003SAUSD Only 2016 - Present 
OUSD 2018- Present
Medical Core (UC)Medical Assistant 051A Beginning Medical Terminology 32016 - Present SAC
Principles of Engineering (PLTW)Engineering 13332016 - Present SAC
Professional Internship (Century TEACH Academy ONLY)HUD 299 (Up to 3 units)32016 - Present SAC
Robotics IEngineering 132 – Introduction to Robotics 32015 - Present SAC