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WBL Organizers

Wo​rk-Based Learning

The Work-Based Learning Continuum provides a way of visualizing and organizing the continuum of high quality experiences that help students to identify and explore their career interests and prepare for career options through practical experience.  The continuum outlines some of the various activities, both in and outside the classroom, which enable students to connect academic and technical content to its “real world" application, and to build 21st century career readiness skills and competencies.


Work based Learning Graphic 2.png



Career Awareness

Career Awareness starts with learning about work. Employers can help by building awareness of the variety of careers available by offering workplace tours, participating in a career fair, offering to allow a student to participate in an informational interview, or by being a guest speaker in an Orange County classroom. 

Career Exploration

Career Exploration activities provide students with the opportunity to explore fields of interest related to their career goals and academic learning. These activities may include job shadows, a virtual exchange with a business partner, or a career mentoring activity.

Career Preparation

Career preparation activities provide an in-depth discovery of a particular career, linking the skills learned in the workplace with academic learning in the classroom. These activities may include participation in an integrated project with multiple interactions with a professional, or participating in work experience, or an internship connected to the curriculum learned in the classroom.

Career Training

Career training activities will offer training for employment in a specific range of occupations in a career field. It may include interactions with business partners over an extended period of time. The student may participate in an apprenticeship, on-the-job training, or complete certifications or other requirements of a specific range of occupations.​