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CCP Phase II Report of Outcomes​



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Overview ​

Teachers need as much TLC as PD. Learn how to lead a community of teachers who, by supporting each other, overcome the struggles of distance learning. See the structure that allows teachers to identify and share the best tech tools for improving engagement, enhancing student learning, and building student relationships. ​

Teachers will lead the way in Orange county for improving distance learning by incorporating tech tools in lessons to make content more engaging and meaningful and share their experiences and strategies.

Outcomes for Phase I​
  • 60 different tech tools reviewed
  • 180 reviews submitted by teachers
  • 1500 students exposed to tech tools
  • Complete one tech tool review before each meeting
  • Collect and utilize student feedback
  • Attend one-hour meetings 
  • Meet 1st and 3rd Tuesday or Wednesday of the month

OCDE Facilitators 

Joyce Foss
Coordinator Curriculum 
and Instruction
Jill Katevas
Career Ed​ucation​​
​Jacquelyn Leyva
Instructional Programs Assistant
Daniel Romer​o
Instructional Programs 

“This time in our meetings was much needed reflection time so we could process 
best practices 
for our teaching and learn new skills u​sing technology platforms! ”  
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​-SAUSD Teacher

If you are interested in joining the program or would like to get involved,
please contact 
Joyce Foss at or (714) 966-3539.​