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Workforce Pathways Program (Grant)

​One-time Stipend Opportunity for Early Childhood Educators to Obtain Infant Toddler Units

The Orange County Workforce Pathways Stipend Program has a special one-time stipend for teachers wanting to obtain these units. This one-time stipend will cover the cost of tuition for up to 6 units taken at a community college.

This stipend is for teachers and family childcare providers who work in Orange County in a subsided childcare program (CSPP, FCCHN, and alternative payment).

Courses must be completed between 3/2/2021 to 5/25/2022​

Click here to download the flyer

​First Aid/CPR Funding Opportunity for Family Child Care Providers                      Oportunidad de Fondos de Primeros Auxilios/RCP para Proveedores de Cuidado Infantil Familiar​

Through the Workforce Pathways Grant, funding is available to assist providers with obtaining state-required first-time Pediatric First Aid and CPR/AED training.   Click here for additional information

El programa de estipendio para las vías del desarrollo laboral tiene fondos disponibles para ayudarle a obtener la capacitación por primera vez en primeros auxilios pediátricos y RCP/AED requeridos por el estado. Para más información y para inscribirse en esta oportunidad, haga clic aquí​​

For more information on the child care licensing required California Emergency Medical Services Training click here

Para más información sobre la capacitación requerida por la división de licencias comunitarias sobre Servicios Médicos de Emergencia haga clic aquí

For a list of approved Pediatric First Aid/CPR trainers in Orange County click here

Para una lista de los entrenadores de Primeros Auxilios Pediátricos/PRC aprobados en el condado de Orange haga clic aquí​​

Family, Friend, or Neighbor Licensing Fee Reimbursement

​What is a Family, Friend, or Neighbor Provider? They are a person who is a relative, friend, neighbor, babysitter, or nanny. They are a home-based provider that cares for the children of one other family besides their own and may care for children in their own home or in the other family's home.  

If you are a licensed exempt provider interested in becoming a licensed family child care provider, funding is available for reimbursement of required licensing fees!

We encourage you to review this California Department of Social Services webpage on becoming a licensed family child care provider

*(Maximum reimbursable amounts are determined by program funding) ​

Click here to sign up for additional information

Click here to download the flyer available in English and Spanish

2021-2022 Workforce Pathways Stipend Program 

We are happy to announce the continuation of funding for the Orange County Workforce Pathways Stipend Program for the year 2021-2022. This program is open to early learning professionals (teachers and family child care providers) working directly with children ages birth to 5 years old (infants, toddlers, and preschool). 

To be eligible for this program you must be

  • Working in a program that accepts some form of CA Early Learning subsidy, through direct contract (CSPP, CCTR, AP).
  • You must be enrolled in an accredited college or university working on an AA/AS or BA/BS in ECE/CD or taking classes to attain or upgrade your early childhood permit.
  • There is limited space for participants who currently have a BA/BS, and a Teacher Permit or higher to receive a stipend for completing 21 hours of approved professional development.​

Workforce Pathways Grant Professional Learning Opportunities

We are proud to announce the 2021-2022 Workforce Pathways Grant, Professional Learning Opportunities. Below you will find a link to the flyer that contains a list of training opportunities and registration links. New this year, we are happy to provide two online self-paced training courses.

These professional learning opportunities are being provided for FREE, with funds from the QCC Workforce Pathways Grant.

​If you have any questions regarding registration please contact Lisa Edwards at

2020-2021 Workforce Pathways Stipend Program

We issued 168 stipends totaling over $280,000.00. We had 80 people who completed over 21 hours of professional development, 53 people working on an AA/AS or BA/BA, 10 people received degree awards, 20 people got first-time or upgrades to ECE permits, and 16 professional growth advisors supporting the work.​

Child Development Permit (CDP) Information​