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​3D Printing in a NGSS Classroom | A Beginners Guide (6-12)
Presented by: Joshua Gagnier, Santa Ana High School
Looking to get started with that 3D printer that is not being used? Interested in getting started with 3D printing in a way that meaningfully connects to student learning? This session is for you!

BYOD: What's in their Pockets (3-12)
Presented by: Andrea Earl, Mendez Fundamental Intermediate School
Students spend a lot of time on their devices, so let's leverage this tool in the classroom. Apps for in and out of class productivity, project creation, and communication will be showcased. Classroom management strategies will also be discussed.

California's New K-12 Computer Science Standards (PK-12)
Presented by: Holly Steele, Orange County Department of Education
There are new K-12 Computer Science Standards?  What are they? What do they look like for my students?  How can I get started? Come explore the answers you need for your students!

Coding with Drones (3-12)
Presented by: John Albert and Dahylia Resendez, California Elementary (iInspire Academy)
Two years ago we started a league for schools to teach students to code drones with swift Playground.  We have grown the league to 9 schools from 5 districts in three counties.

Connecting Literature and STEM! (PK-5)
Presented by: Christie Pearce, Orange County Department of Education
Do you love picture books and want to tie them into NGSS and STEM? Come learn of grade specific resources and recommendations!

Digital Goodie Bag: Applications for the 1:1 Classroom-BYOD (6-12)
Presented by: Joshua Gagnier, Santa Ana High School
This session will highlight specific and purposeful methods to integrate technology into your NGSS science classroom. You’ll leave with hands-on experience with a variety of the most relevant applications to support both you and your students.  Chromebook or Laptop suggested. 

Energize Schools: Project Based Sustainability Curriculum (9-12)
Presented by: Emily Usaha, Strategic Energy Innovations
In this session, led by the SEI Energize Schools team, explore our no-cost, hands-on, NGSS-aligned sustainability curriculum units and complete an energy audit of the workshop classroom. Feel free to bring in an appliance you would like to audit! 

Engineering with Purpose (6-8)
Presented by: Ivet Gonzalez, El Sol Science and Arts Academy
This Breakout Session seeks to help educators bridge engineering with socially-conscious work.  Participants will look at an example unit that guides students through the work of providing clean water in Sudan, Africa. 

Esports: Good for You, Better for Your Students! (6-12)
Presented by: Kevin Brown and Tom Turner, Orange County Department of Education
In this session, participants will gain exposure to research, curricula and best practices surrounding esports on campus.

FREE Virtual Field Trip with CA State Parks (PK-8)
Presented by: Jennifer Langer, PORTS Program Coordinator
Participants will learn that the PORTS program is a free resource for teaching academic content standards in the context of CA State Parks.  They will also learn what technology they need to participate and how easy it is to sign up and get connected. In addition to the presentation, we will engage in a live interactive demo with a park ranger at one of our PORTS sites.  At the end of the breakout session, the teachers will have the opportunity to sign-up for a virtual field trip for the upcoming school year.

Get to Know CA's Environmental Principles & Concepts (PK-5)
Presented by: Helen de la Maza, OC Science and Environmental Literacy Network
What?! California has Environmental Principles & Concepts? You bet! Not only that, they were adopted in 2004 and are now integrated into CA's new Next Generation Science Standards-based Science Framework and CA's new History-Social Science Framework. This is a great opportunity for classroom teachers to integrate them into instruction as they will connect your students to their community and enhance your curriculum. Get to know the EP&Cs!

Integrating Models into Real-World Investigations (3-12)
Presented by: Sarah Ludovise, Crystal Cove Conservancy
As scientists and engineers tackle big problems, they use models to help them represent their thinking and reflect on how components of a system might interact with each other.  When your students are preparing to solve real world problems, they can use models in the same way! During this session, you'll develop a question to guide modeling that is anchored in a real-world problem, practice creating a representational model on paper, and then turn it into a computational model using a free online program.  Bringing a laptop is recommended.

Linking the Environmental Principles and Concepts and Health Education in Elementary (PK-5)
Presented by: Nadia Moya and Janis Price, Orange County Department of Education
This session will show participants how to link health education with the Environmental Principles and Concepts. Lessons, ideas, and resources will be shared.

OC Maker Challenge & OC Maker Challenge jr. (K-12)
Presented by: Jillian Johnson-Sharp and Julie Roney, Orange County Department of Education
Are you interested in having students learn to design prototypes that will solve real-world problems? This session will walk you through how to guide student teams through the engineering design process while competing in the Annual ocMaker Challenge and ocMaker Challenge jr.

Painting with Sphero (PK-5)
Presented by: Sarah Thomas, PBS SoCal
Teachers are invited to engage in this exciting STEAM project where coding and art collide! Teachers will explore PBS KIDS ScratchJr, a free coding app that introduces children to coding by creating short videos with PBS KIDS characters. We will move onto creating real-life creations through coding with Sphero SPRK+, an educational tech tool. Using Sphero, a large box, paper, and paint, we will make works of art with coding! We will include modifications our youngest (PreK) and oldest (upper elementary) learners.

Science of Hockey (3-5)
Presented by: Jason Cooper and Molly Schaus, Anaheim Ducks Hockey Club
Participants will learn how to use sports/physical education to teach STEAM concepts?

Show me the Numbers! (6-12)
Presented by: Katie Beck and Meredith Casalino, Orange County Department of Education
Using data analysis to unlock the science and engineering practices and crosscutting concepts.

Teaching Experimental Design with Animals (6-12)
Presented by: Mindy Schwartz, Environmental Nature Center
Students often struggle with how to create their own experimental design from their original scientific questions, yet this inquiry-based skill is an important part of the NGSS.  This session will go through how to teach creative 'question-asking' and how to turn those questions into an experiment. Teachers will get to observe live animals, which will inspire their scientific questions.

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