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Deep Dive Sessions

Incorporate the Field of Biotechnology with Simple Activities (6-12) 
​Presented by Denise Foley, Ph.D. & Jo Wu, Ph.D., Santiago Canyon College and Fullerton College
Because the Life Science field employs 300,000 people in the state of California with an average salary of 91K and  because 43% of the jobs require an A.S or less, the opportunities for obtaining employment in this sector are numerous in Orange County. The theme of this workshop will be exploration of biotechnology and incorporation of simple activities that integrate this field with basic laboratory-relevant math and investigative science principles.

Making A Makerspace Meaningful (PK-5) 
Presented by Kim Thorsen, Laurel Elementary Magnet School, Brea-Olinda USD
Participants will be "doing" Makerspace challenges that can be done in any elementary classroom with 45 min a week. Learn to create the challenges, ways to assess, and to begin the process. Be ready to solve lots of problems!

Making Sense of Local Phenomena to Solve Real World Problems (3-8)
Presented by Pam Johnson & Linda Braatz Brown, ECOS
Engage in intuitive strategies that build learner agency to investigate phenomena, generate questions, and take action through engineering. These sessions expose you to tools to bring the NGSS alive.

Organized Chaos in the 21st Century Classroom:  Been There, Done That, Now What? (PK-5) 
Presented by Krystal Valdenegro, Carlos Hernandez, Dawn Perotin, and Sandra Taylor, Anaheim Elementary SD
Overwhelmed by the notion of NGSS and STEM and not enough time to do it all?  Have you begun to dabble but don’t know where to go next? This Deep Dive will provide you with the opportunity to develop and strengthen your  understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math through a multidisciplinary approach. Learn how to infuse 21st century learning through a variety of activities, lessons, and collaborative discussions geared toward elementary learners. Come prepared to inquire, implement, and innovate new learning that can readily be infused into your classroom and school.

Putting the "A" in STEAM (PK-5) 
Presented by Carrie Nichols and Megan Larkins, Santiago STEAM Magnet, Saddleback Valley USD
Integrating the arts with math, science, engineering, and technology ignites students' creativity, encourages them to think critically, fosters collaboration, and allows students voice and choice in their learning.  We will guide participants in how to find those meaningful art connections in their STEM curriculum and apply them to their STEM classroom. Come help us put the "A" back in STEAM.

Raspberry-Licious with the Raspberry Pi the little computer that CAN!! (3-8) 
Presented by Omar Shepherd, Orange County Department of Education
Have you heard of Raspberry Pi? No, not the dessert, but the $35 computer that's revolutionizing access to computing all over the globe! In this deep dive participants will be introduced to the Raspberry Pi and get hands on, minds on as they explore and learn ways to incorporate the tool into their classroom.

Scientific Investigations: Hack, Code, Create, Communicate (3-12) 
Presented by Wendy Marshall and Team, Ocean institute
In this VERY hands-on workshop, participants will experience real-world STEM through engaging investigations that will include hacking, making, coding, and communicating. Innovative approaches in ocean-related research will demonstrate the need for innovative thinkers! Piloting underwater robots, 3-D printing shark tracking tags, "fish face" recognition, data coding to model behavior, hacking and creating tools are STANDARD practices for ocean study. To be a successful researcher in the future, the innovative, creative, problem-solving, and curious habits of mind must be developed today. This workshop will give teachers the tools and experiences to develop these skills in their classrooms.

Tech-Infused Mathematics Classroom (3-12) 
Presented by Andrea Earl, Mendez Fundamental Intermediate, Santa Ana USD
In this deep dive, participants will explore a wide variety of online resources and how they can be leveraged in the math classroom. Time will be provided for participants to explore the resources and begin to plan lessons. 
Some tools include: Quizlet, Flip Grid, Estimation 180, Socrative, Khan Academy  & DESMOS.

The Power of Counting (PK-5) 
Presented by Nick Johnson, Orange County Department of Education
We will explore children's understandings of counting as a connecting thread through math content and practices across elementary grade-levels. Special attention will be given to the ways that open-ended tasks can promote reasoning, sense-making, and interdisciplinary connections.

Using Outdoor Learning to Support NGSS (PK-5) 
Presented by Kelly Ellis, Inside the Outdoors, OCDE
Outdoor learning experiences with your students bring local and relevant phenomena to your classroom to help support CA NGSS and the Environmental Principles and Concepts.

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