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Orange County Robotics Consortium (OCRC) Professional Learning Resources

Program Orientation Webinar

The Orange County Robotics Consortium is a proud partner of the Robotics Education and Competition Foundation. To support all OC School Districts in having access to the latest information regarding the OCRC, please join us, Wednesday, September 18, 2019 for the Program Orientation, or return to this page following the orientation to view the workshop webinar.

Team Roles

In VEX IQ, the optimum size for a team is 3 - 4 students. This allows for all members of the team to participate in designing, building, driving and coding the robot.  In a VEX IQ team, members switch roles often. One idea could be to have team members take on roles such as:

Engineer: Construct the robot

Computer Scientist: Program the joystick and the robot for the Autonomous Robot Skills Challenge.

Documentarian: Record and document the engineering design process, programming, and game strategies using text, diagrams, sketches, and printed images.

Programming in Robot C

Teams accomplished in managing team dynamics; successful development of the Engineering Notebook, and efficient build may be ready to level up into programming with Robot C.

Please register to join us, Wednesday, November 7, 2019 for the VEX IQ Robot C Programming Workshop.

Engineering Notebook

Competing in VEX IQ Robotics Competitions is about teamwork, collaboration, and how well students document their work within the Engineering Notebook.

To support teams in developing a high quality Engineering Notebook, please register to attend our Team Management workshop, and view the sample provided by the Robotics Education and Competition Foundation:

Trouble Shooting

​Thank you for visiting the OCRC Webpage. The OCRC is a program of the STEM & Humanities Unit within the Educational Services Division of the Orange County Department of Education.

Should you have any questions, or need any information, please contact:

Omar Shepherd, Project Manager                                                  Julie Roney, Coordinator
Educational Services                                                                                Educational Services 
Email:                                                                  Email:
Phone: 714-327-1069                                                                             Phone: 714-966-4337​