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Staff Directory
For general information please call 714-708-3860.

Christine Olmstead, Associate Superintendent

Chris Becerra, Director

Debbie Troehler, Administrator

​    Linda Peterson, Administrative Assistant III, 714-708-3868

    Loretta Witherspoon, Administrative Assistant III, 714-708-3871

Maureen Cox, Family Services Specialist, 714-708-3860

Mayra Orozco, Family Services Specialist, 714-708-3860

    Cheryl Elias, Family  Services Technician, 714-708-3865 

    Cristina Trujillo,  Family Services Technician, 714-708-3870

    Jacquelyn Leyva, Family Services Technician, 714-708-3867

    Linh Nguyen, Family Services Technician, 714-708-3869

    Lourdes Arenas, Family  Services Technician, 714-708-3879 

    Terry Nguyen, Family  Services Technician, 714-708-3866 

    Trianna Hoang, Family Services Technician, 714-708-3864

Joanne Olimberio, Child Care Services Analyst, 714-708-3860

    Janeth Maldonado, Provider Support Technician, 714-708-3872

    Margarita Villasenor, ​Provider Support Technician, 714-708-3874

Stephanie Tran-Lam, Provider Services Specialist, 714-708-3860

    Cam Sonota, Senior Accounting Technician, 714-708-3878

    Khanh Tran, Senior Accounting Technician, 714-708-3882

    Roda Garcia, Senior Accounting Technician, 714-708-3863

    Yalonda Morris, Senior Accounting Technician, 714-708-3877

Office Address

3001 Red Hill Avenue, Building 4, Suite 113,
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Map and directions to the office.

Mailing Address

Family Support Services
P.O. Box 9050
Costa Mesa, CA 92628-9050 

Office Fax Number