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​​​​​​                 S​TUDENT SERVICES &


Adult Education, Directory of SchoolsCDE, Adult Education
Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Prevention (ATOD)

Alcohol and Drug Prevention and Resources

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Prevention

​Appeals to County Board of Education
(Expulsions and Inter-district Transfer Requests)

Expulsion Process Timeline

Interdistrict Attendance Transfer Flowchart

​OCDE Board Appeals Hearing Procedures

OCBE IDT 300-02 Revised Policy


Attendance Works

California Department of Education, Sample Attendance Board Policy

California Department of Education, School Attendance Improvement Strategies

California School Dashboard

Chronic Absenteeism | Healthy Schools Campaign​

DataQuest - Accessing Educational Data (CA Dept. of Education)

State o​f California Law, When is an absence excused?

What is Truancy?

​Bullying Prevention and Intervention

Book Club ideas for Bullying Prevention for Elementary, MS and HS

Bullying Prevention Programs

California Anti-Bullying Laws & Policies 

Resources for Educators for Bullying Prevention - Get Help Now


2022 Calendar of Observances 

2022-23 District Calendar

2022-23 Pupil Calendar

Random Acts of Kindness Day 

​California Healthy Kids SurveyCalifornia Healthy Kids Survey
California School DashboardCalifornia School Dashboard
​Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

Human Trafficking (English)

Human Trafficking (Español)

​Countywide Plan for Serving Expelled Students

Administrators Recommendation of Expulsion Matrix, California Department of Education

Countywide Expulsion Plan July 2021-July 2024

Countywide Expulsion Plan July 2018-July 2021

Countywide Plans for Expelled Students - Educational Options (CA Dept. of Education)

Expulsion Timeline 2020

OCDE - Alternative Community, and Correctional Education Schools and Services (ACCESS)

OCDE - County Expulsion Plan

OCDE Expulsion Appeals Hearing Procedures

​Crisis Intervention TeamCrisis Intervention and Disaster Response

AB 699 Education Equity and Protections for ALL

Dear Colleague Letter- School Enrollment Procedures

Foster Youth Education Rights

Homeless Education - Specialized Programs (CA Dept of Education)

Public & Private K-12 Schools; Know the Difference

SEVP Certified Schools

SEVP and SEVIS - Student and Exchange Visitor Program

Visas Who Can Enroll in US Schools

​Foster Youth Services & AB 490 Liaison Training

CalEdFacts, Foster Youth Services

Foster Youth Coordinating Services

Foster Youth Education​ Rights​

High School Graduation for Foster Youth

​Friday Night Live

The Orange County Friday Night Live Partnership (OCFNLP) program engages young people in prevention activities on school campuses and in community-based organizations. Under the guidance of an advisor, youth focus on making an impact in the areas of substance abuse prevention and other concerns that affect their schools and communities.

Orange County Friday Night Live Partnership
​General Support for Student Services2022-2023 OC District CWA/SARB Administrator Network Meetings

27th Annual Conditions of Children in Orange County

Student Services/Child Welfare & Attendance

Student Support Services at a Glance
​Homeschool (CHEP)

Community Home Education Program

Home School 101 (FAQs)

​Homeless Education Services and Resources/ McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act

Homeless Education - Specialized Programs (CA Dept of Education)

McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act

National Center for Homeless Education

​Incident Command System for SchoolsEmergency Preparedness

​Independent Study
AB 181 Independent Study -​ What's New

Independent Study - Educational Options (CA Dept of Education)​
​Instructional Continuity (Distance Learning- An Archive)CDE, Distance Learning Guidance and Resources

OCDE, Instructional Continuity
​Inter-district Transfer Permit Request

Inter-District Transfer (IDT) Appeal Process

OCDE Board of Education, Inter-District Policy

OCBE IDT 300-02 Revised Policy​​

​Military Students and Family Supports

American Association of School Administrators Supporting the Military Child Toolkit

Military Children - Parents/Family & Community (CA Dept. of Education)

National Association of School Psychologist (NASP) Support for Military Families

The Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children

The Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children - Quick Reference Guide

California Education Code Section 49700

​Nursing/School Health Office26th Annual Report on the Conditions of Children in OC

27th Annual Conditions of Children in Orange County

California Department of Public Health, School Guidance

Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Immunization Schedule

Health Services & School Nursing - Health (CA Dept. of Education)

Immunization Requirements for School

OCDE, Legal Issues in School Health

​PBIS- Positive Behavior Intervention and SupportsPBIS Resources and Training
​Restorative Justice/Restorative Practice2021 RP for the SARB Process

Association for Positive Behavior Support

Building Community Through Restprative Practices

Cultivating Protect ive Factors through Classroom Circles

Educator Presentation - Cultivating Protective Factors through Classroom Circles​

OCDE Restorative Practices Professional Learning Opportunities​

OCDE Restorative Pr​actices Resources

Restorative Practices: Fostering Healthy Relationships & Promoting Positive Discipline in Schools

RP Resource Guide APBS 2022
​SARB/SART- School Attendance Review Board/Team (Multi-Tiered System of Supports [MTSS])

2022 Model SARB Recognition Program

Attendance Laws, Resources, and Samples Forms

Attendance - San Diego County Office of Education

Attendance Works Website with Resources

Continuum of Support

Definition of MTSS

OCDE - CA MTSS Framework

Restorative Practices (RP)

State SARB Handbook 5/14/2018

UC Davis - MTSS Attendance Support System

What is SARB?

​School CounselingSchool Counselor Support Services
​School Reopening, Recovery and Reintegration (An Archive)​Association of California School Administrators School Reopening Planning Group

Coronavirus Response and School Reopening Guidance - Health Services & School Nursing (CA Dept. of Education)

ED COVID-19 Handbook, US Dept. of Education

ED COVID-19 Handbook Reopening, US Dept. of Education
School Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

Disaster Services

Emergency Situations



​Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)
CDI Insights Report

OCDE - Social-Emotional Learning

SEL Toolkit

Social and Emotional Learning - Teaching & Learning (CA Dept. of Education)
​Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening and SupportFamily Support Services​​

​​Student Health and Wellness
Health Education

Student Discipline
Behavioral Intervention Strategies and Supports - School Environment (CA Dept of Education)

California School Discipline Laws and Regulations Handbook

DataQuest - Accessing Educational Data (CA Dept. of Education)

OCDE, Legal Services, Suspension and Expulsion Form​s​

State of California, Suspension Law

​Student Records

Child Welfare & Attendance Student Records Chart

Definitions and Laws

​Suicide PreventionAmerican F oundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP)

Didi Hirsch Suicide Prevention

Each Mind Matters - California's Mental Health Movement

HEARD Alliance

NAMI California

Project Cal-Well - Mental Health (CA Dept. of Education)

Suicide Prevention Awareness, Know the Warning Signs of Suicidal Behavior

Youth Suicide Prevention - Mental Health (CA Dept. of Education)
​​Title IX Resources
Gender Equity/Title IX - Equal Opportunity & Access (CA Dept. of Education)

Know Your Title IX​

Regulation 4119.12 Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedures

Title IX and Sex Discrimination 

USDOE Sexual Harassment Booklet

View Exhibit (PDF) 4119.12-E
​Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE)Tobacco-Use Prevention Education Resources
​Transition PlanningOCDE - Transition Planning

Transition Planning Resource Directory: Programs for Adults with Development Disabilities
​Undocumented/Immigrant Student/DACA "Dreamers" Recipients

Bureau of Children's Justice State of California Department of Justice - Office of the Attorney General

California Attorney General, Immigration Enforcement Actions- Guide to Students and Families

Undocumented Students and DACA Resources

What to do if ICE shows up on your school campus?: A Quick Reference Guide for Administrators

​Work Permits

Child Labor Law Booklet

Student Work Permit Resources

Student Work Permits FAQs

Youth DevelopmentYouth Development Resources

​ ​​