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Supervision of Attendance

​​The Orange County Department of Education Student Services Team assists schools in addressing systemic barriers to student engagement/participation and good attendance through professional learning opportunities and technical support for the purpose of enhancing student academic achievement, raising graduation rates, creating a positive school climate, and supporting college and career readiness. In Orange County, the Supervisors of Attendance of the Orange County School Districts and OCDE must complete the certification course every three years. The District Supervisor of Attendance shall be lawfully certificated for the work by the county Board of Education. (EC 48240-48246).

Certification Training The Supervisor of Attendance/SARB Certification Course has been newly designed and revises the former SARB Certification Course by including additional topics and responsibilities related to the role of the Supervisor of Attendance. The updated course is divided into six modules each with objectives, overview informational reading, resources/reference folders, and a brief benchmark assessment to engage the participant and check for understanding. The course is designed to take participants 2-3 hours to complete. If you are planning to complete the course in multiple settings, please finish a module completely before signing off. When you return to the course, you will start at the next module.

Accreditation Confirmation To earn your proof of Supervisor of Attendance Certification accreditation, after completing all six modules, you must complete the Course Assessment with a minimum score of 80%. Please, no skipping ahead because the course has been designed into modules that build upon the content and materials of the preceding module.

Education Code section 48245 requires that the county board of education certify attendance supervisors. Supervisors, please complete the course with a passing score by December 31, 2022. Names of supervisors who completed the course by the deadline will be placed on the agenda at a subsequent county board of education meeting for a certification vote.​

Supervision of Att​endance Online Certification Course​