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Writing Interventions

"Teaching and learning writing involves many complex and interwoven layers.  In order to compose well, a student must understand the content and the organizational patterns and strategies of a particular mode of writing, have knowledge of the context of the writing and the audience, and be able to apply the appropriate conventions within the piece of writing."  Write From the Beginning...and Beyond

Resources to support writing interventions:

Write From the Beginning...and Beyond​​"WFBB is a K-8 comprehensive, systematically structured, writing curriculum designed to assist educators and students develop the knowledge and skills necessary for age-appropriate and domain-specific writing achievement." 
Writer's WorkshopInformation, professional learning, and resources on Writer's Workshop based on the work of Lucy Calkins.
Remodeling the Workshop: Lucy Calkins on Writing Instruction Today​Article based on an interview with Lucy Calkins and Mary Ehrenworth of the Reading and Writing Project at Teachers College.

What Works Clearinghouse Practice Guides:

Teaching Elementary School Students to Be Effective Writers​Four recommendations for improving elementary students' writing.
​​Teaching Secondary Students to Write Effectively​​Three evidence-based recommendations for helping students in grades 6-12 develop effective writing skills.