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Staff Development

​Training Resources - School and Community

What Service Providers Should Know.pdf                                  Homeless Liaisons Can Help By

School Nurses Can Help By                                                           Preschool Personnel Can Help By

Guidance Counselors Can Help By

You Can Help By                                                                                  

Sample Enrollment Questions To Ask Parents 

Strategies to Help Homeless Students.pdf 

Program Strategies - Resources for Homeless Children and Youths (CA Dept of .pdf

Hear Us Website:   HEAR US has filmed and produced short videos to increase awareness of and sensitivity to families and youth experiencing homelessness.

Homeless Education Overview Presentation.pdf      Summary_Homeless Liaison Responsibilities.pdf              

Important Contacts for Homeless Educ.pdf           OC Head Start Information Page.pdf                 

Strategies to Help Homeless Students.pdf

Overview McKinney-Vento Homeless Act.pdf         

Quick Tips Enrollment Procedures.pdf                     

Determining FRA Nighttime Residence.pdf              

Doubled-UP Flowchart.pdf                                           

LEA Homeless Liaison Responsibilities.pdf