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District and School Planning and Implementation

​Districtwide SEL Essentials ​for Superintendents
A succinc​t and comprehensive guide based on the work and research of CASEL in school districts across the country.​

CASEL School Guide Essentials
This guide pulls from the vast website of the CASEL school guide and has the very essential tools and templates for systemically planning and implementing school wide SEL. 

Sustaining Districtwide SEL: Lessons from the SEL Financial Sustainability Project
CASEL provides seven practices for planning for sustainability.

Boosting SEL in Schools by Dr. Darling-Hammond
Darling-Hammond (Learning Policy Institute and Stanford University) says that social-emotional learning is a key factor in students’ academic achievement and long-term life success. "When we help students to engage productively with one another, understand themselves and how they think, and better handle the stresses and challenges of their lives," says Darling-Hammond, "we prepare them for success now and in the future." She suggests four key tasks for school leaders.

SEL Trends: Integrating with Academics
School districts share their journey toward a multi-year implementation approach effective for integrating SEL into academic content, instructional practices, and efforts to build academic mindsets, student voice, and leadership understanding.

SEL Inventory of Strengths and Needs
​This inventory comes from the CASEL District Resource Center as a team approach to assessing the SEL strengths and needs in a school system. This process assists districts in clarifying long-term vision, identifying resources and alignment, and strategies for implementing SEL district-wide.

SEL Implementation Rubric
This rubric comes from the CASEL District Resource Center. It assists district leaders in reflecting on the activities, practices, and processes for SEL through a framework and using CDI Theory of Action.

District Implementation and Professional Development Guidance
A guide from the Minnesota Department of Education on implementation  of SEL district-wide along with considerations for professional development.

Pursuing SEL Through a Racial Equity Lens: A Call to Action
This 2018 writing from the Aspen Institute examines the benefits of pursuing equity in SEL and academic development.