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OCDE Online School Climate Survey

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Online Middle School Survey in Development
Currently in the pilot testing phase, the Orange County Dept. of Education School Climate Survey System is developing a reliable and useful measure of school climate and student mental health for middle school settings (grades 5-8). Both student and staff surveys will be available for administration online following a simple registration process. The survey data report is accessed online as well immediately following the completion of survey administration.
The survey measures constructs of school climate drawn from the literature. An additional set of measures are included to create a school snapshot of common student mental health issues that are barriers to learning and students' social-emotional development. As seen in the diagram below, eleven school climate domains and two mental health domains are included in the measures.

Why is it important to measure school climate?
School climate may be the missing link in promoting school reform and closing the achievement gap (Schindler 2010). Studies have clearly shown that schools with a positive school climate have higher academic achievement along with other impacts that are supportive of learning. Measuring school climate can uncover the other important factors that influence student learning, such as school safety, adult-student relationships, and relevant engagement in learning and the school community.
Additionally, the new Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) required of school districts beginning in 2014, includes school climate and student engagment as two of the priorities areas that must be addressed in districts' plans. This middle school survey can easily collect the data that would be useful for planning and gauging progress towards improving school climate or the conditions for learning. Because school climate impacts both students and school staff the OCDE Online Middle School Survey System will assess both students and staff perspectives about their experience at school.
Practically, the survey provides schools an assessment tool for school climate and student mental health that provides stakeholders data for informed action planning to improve school climate for students while supporting a comprehensive approach to student success including academic, social, and emotional development and well-being.
Read more about the survey development process. 
Here's a presentation about the survey system.

                  A Unique Feature

One of the unique aspects of the OCDE Online School Climate Survey System is the assessment of both school climate and common student mental health issues that impede learning and social-emotional development. Domains have been included to assess school-wide stress, anxiety, and depression. There is some evidence that there is a relationship between school climate and student mental health. The data provided on student mental health issues is a school snapshot and not individual diagnostic information. The snapshot data on student emotional wellness can be used as an indicator of the need for staff training for prevention and early identification of student mental health issues. It can serve as an impetus for staff professional development about student mental health issues and for seeking partnerships and community resources for referral and support services.

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Administering the School Climate Survey

Guidance and information for the successful administration of the OCDE School Climate Online Survey is being developed. The School Climate Survey Administration Guide will contain customizable forms and directions for administering the survey at your school.

Customizable Forms​ ​ ​

Type of Form Description Word document
Consent Forms

  • Introductory letter for both passive and active consents to help parents/guardians fully understand the surveys purpose and value.
  • Parental consent is required for survey administration
  • Two methods: Active & Passive are explained in the guide
Passive Consent Forms (English)
Passive Consent Forms (Spanish)
Passive Consent Forms (Vietnamese)
Active Consent Forms (English)
Active Consent Forms (Spanish)
Active Consent Forms (Vietnamese)

Student Survey Administration​

  • Instructions for teachers/proctors administering the student survey

Teacher Proctor Instructions

Staff Survey Administration ​

  • Sample language ​for administration of the staff survey

Sample language: Encouraging Staff to Take the Survey

Data Report

Upon completion of the school climate student and staff surveys, the registrant can log into the OCDE School Climate Survey System and access survey data reports (see sample of data charts below).



For further information contact Sharon Bi or Dr. Lucy Vezzuto