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Student Mental Health Resource Portals & Search Engines

A to Z Disorder Guide

The New York University Child Study Center (CSC) provides an overview of a number of children’s mental health disorders as well as related articles, organizations, and websites where you can find in-depth information on each topic.

As part of the Regional K-12 Student Mental Health Initiative statewide coordination activities, the Sacramento County Office of Education has developed a website that features a clearinghouse of resources for educators and others. In their clearinghouse of resources you will find school-based prevention and early identification strategies that promote student mental health.

Children's Mental Health Disorder Fact Sheet for the Classroom
The Minnesota Association for Children's Mental Health (MACMH) provides information on a variety of mental health disorders with a description of symptoms, educational implications, instructional strategies and classroom accommodations, and resources for each disorder.
The California Department of Education provides strategies, key resources, and training in psychological and mental health issues, including coping with tragedy, crisis intervention and prevention, school psychology and suicide prevention.
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services ( SAMHSA) has developed a searchable online registry of more than 260 interventions supporting mental health promotion, substance abuse prevention, and mental health and substance abuse treatment. We connect members of the public to intervention developers so they can learn how to implement these approaches in their communities.​
A wealth of information on teen behavior including presentations and publications. Information is developed by Dalhousie University's faculty of medicine for families, teens, educators and health professionals. Submit your questions to Dr. Stan Kutcher by clicking on "Ask an Expert".

White Paper by Kognito  
The UCLA School Mental Health Project Center for Mental Health in Schools has developed a search engine consisting of documents, resources and tools searchable by mental health topic.