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Helping Children Cope with Stress and Teen Stress and What to Do about It
Two one-page parent guides--one about stress in children and one on teen stress. Spanish  Vietnamese  Korean          

SOS Stressed Out Students: Presentation for Parents
Learn about stress and how it can impact your teen and what you can do about it.

Stress and Coping Center for Teens
The website provides basic information to teens on stress in addition to coping strategies, relaxation practices, and advice on managing difficult emotions.

Stressed Teens
Stressed Teens teaches mindfulness skills and provides tools for those in their pre-teen years through latter adolescence in addition to mindful suggestions for parents and families. Online training is available.

Ten Things You Should Know About Stress 
Eric Jensen, CEO of Jensen Learning, provides a list of useful information on stress and suggests practical ways to better manage stress in your everyday life.

What Kids Say about Handling Stress
A KidsHealth® Kids poll explored what kids stress about the most, how they cope with these feelings, and what they want their parents to do about it.

SOS Stressed Out Students and What to Do About It  (webinar presentation slides)
On-going stress without healthy coping strategies can have an impact on youth development, learning and behavior. This is an introductory presentation that addresses what youth say about their stress, the physiology of stress, signs and symptoms, and some core strategies to teach students to reduce their stress.

How to Talk to Kids About Stress
A brief one-page guide for how to have a useful conversation about stress.  Links within this page provide additional information.