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Boutique Trainings are shorter offerings focused on a specific topic or set of practices designed to boost your established PBIS systems and practices


Responding to Problem Behavior in the Virtual Classroom

woman looking at computerThis webinar will explore strategies for teachers that support efforts to decrease disruptions during online learning. Capitalize on synchronous time with students by using positive, supportive, proactive, and responsive strategies. These classroom supports and interventions include established routines, expectations, opportunities for students to respond, acknowledgement, prompts, and precorrections.


Date: August 19, 2020



Aligning Tier 1 PBIS Implementation for Distance Learning

This five-part series is intended for schools that have already attended Tier 1 Team Training. This series will focus on taking your school's School-Wide PBIS to make it efficient and effective for distance learning.

laptop with stick figure studentPart 1: Team Membership, Team Purpose, and Family Engagement - October 8, 2020

Part 2: Behavioral Expectations and Revamping the Teaching Matrix - October 13, 2020

Part 3:  Acknowledgement and Feedback for the Virtual Classroom - October 27, 2020

Part 4: Responding to Problem Behavior in the Virtual Classroom - November 4, 2020

Part 5: Using Data for Decision Making - November 19, 2020



Culturally Responsive PBIS

This four-part series will focus on effective ways to increase equity  and make your practices supportive of all students.

hands gatheredPart 1: A 5-Point Intervention Approach to School Equity - January 13, 2021

Part 2: Adapting Tier 1 PBIS Practices for Cultural Responsiveness - January 20, 2021

Part 3: Implicit Bias and Vulnerable Decision Points - February 3, 2021

Part 4: Engaging, Partnering, and Empowering Families and Communities - February 10, 2021



Leveraging the PBIS Framework and Practices to Implement SEL and Support Mental Health


This two-part series will focus on how schools can use their already installed multi-tiered system of support for behavior to best support Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Mental Health services.

students holding emojis.jpg

Part 1: Foundations - October 6, 2020

Part 2: Universal Screening and Intervention - October 29, 2020