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Tier 1 Team Trainings



​​​​Tier 1 photo.PNGTier 1 PBIS Team Training 

​​Universal (Tier 1) practices are experienced by all students and educators across all settings to establish a p​ositive, predictable, safe, and equitable school climate. Utilizing guidance from the Center on PBIS, professional learning content includes alignment of cultural responsiveness, social emotional learning, and mental health. 

OCDE offers training that spans two years. Year 1 "Installation" includes 4 days of whole team training aimed at teaching the universal systems, data, and practices related to PBIS. Year 2 "Implementation" consists of two days of whole team training and includes data-based conversations, coaching, and action planning to achieve fidelity of implementation. ​Teams must attend each day within the series as each day builds upon the content from prior learning. 


If interested, please have the school administrator complete the Tier 1 Readiness Guidelines Google Form.

 PBIS Tier 1 Team Training Flyer: 22_23 PBIS Tier 1 Team Training.pdf 

​​​​Year 1: Installation
​Scope and Sequence
​​​Day 1
  • ​PBIS Overview
  • PBIS Team Development​
  • Behavioral Expectations

Day 2
  • Marketing PBIS Expectations
  • Lesson Planning & Teaching Expectations
  • Exploring Acknowledgement Systems
Day 3
  • ​Understanding Function of Behavior
  • Responding to Unwanted Behavior
  • Building Consistent Consequence Systems
​​Day 4
  • Classroom PBIS: Creating positive teaching & learning environments, Actively promote social emotional behavioral growth
  • Preparing for School-Wide Launch

​​OCDE 2022-23 Cohort Training Dates: 9/13/22, 11/8/22, 1/26/23, 4/27/23

​​​​Year 2: Implementation
​Scope and Sequence
​​​Day 5
  • Classroom PBIS: Monitoring Fidelity and Student Outcome Data to Guide Classroom Practices
  • Facilitated Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI) Assessment
  • Action Planning and team-specific supports 
Day 6
  • ​Team Initiated Problem Solving (TIPS) Model 
  • Maintaining Sustainable Practices: School Handbook, Data to Inform Practices, and systems of support