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Tier 1 Team Training (New 2022/2023 Dates!)

​​Universal (Tier 1) practices are experienced by all students and educators across all settings to establish a positive, predictable, safe, and equitable school climate. OCDE offers two years of team training--Year 1 "Installation" and Year 2 "Implementation" to assist with a thorough understanding and increase the likelihood of teams implementing PBIS with fidelity to the model. Tier 1 content includes training on teaming structures, developing positive school-wide expectations, acknowledgement systems, consequence systems, data-based decision making, and planning for school-wide roll out of PBIS. 


The school administrator must complete the Tier 1 Readiness Guidelines google form.

 PBIS Tier 1 Team Training Flyer: 22_23 PBIS Tier 1 Team Training.pdf 

Year 1 - Installation 
  • Four days of whole team training
  • Technical assistance & coaching
  • Content for setting up school & classroom environments to establish, promote, and respond to behavior
  • Culturally relevant & mental health components
  • Resources for family & whole-school engagement​

2022-2023 Ins​tallation​ Training Dates:
(All training will be at OCDE unless a virtual format is required)

Day 1: 09/13/22 - 8am to 3pm - Building D-1004/5/6

Day 2: 11/08/22 - 8am to 3pm - Building D - 1002/03

Day 3: 01/26/23 - 8am to 3pm - Building A-Boardroom

Day 4: 04/27/23 - 8am to 3pm - Building D-1004/5/6


Year 2 - Implementation

  • Two days of whole team training
  • Technical assistance and coaching
  • Data-based conversations
  • Efficient team meeting structures
  • Action planning to achieve fidelity of PBIS implementation​​

2023-2024 Implementation Training Dates: TBD


Link to Flyer:  22_23 PBIS Tier 1 Team Training.pdf