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Tier 2 Team Training


Tier 2 Team TrainingTier 2 Picture.PNG

Supplemental (Tier 2) systems and practices are designed for groups of students who need more structure, feedback, instruction, and support than Universal (Tier 1) practices alone. This training series supports teams with systems necessary for (1) implementing Tier 2 practices such as Check-In Check-Out and Social Skills Groups, (2) Utilizing data for decision making with an emphasis on screening and progress monitoring, and (3) Efficient teaming structures. 

OCDE offers training that spans two years. Year 1 "Installation" includes 4 days of whole team training aimed at teaching the universal systems, data, and practices related to PBIS. Year 2 "Implementation" consists of two days of whole team training and includes data-based conversations, coaching, and action planning to achieve fidelity of implementation. ​Teams must attend each day within the series as each day builds upon the content from prior learning.​

Please carefully​​ select your Tier 2 Team Members, as the knowledge base and function of the team is different from the Tier 1 team. The Tier 2 team is responsible for identifying students in need of more intensive support than school-wide PBIS practices, as well as designing and monitoring those selected interventions. Often, Tier 2 teams are composed of different staff than the Tier 1 team to serv​​​e that function. Most importantly, Tier 2 teams need to have membership that includes individuals who monitor Tier 2 interventions, have applied behavioral expertise, have knowledge of students, and knowledge of operations of the school. 

Provided below is an example of school personnel who should be considered for inclusion on the Tier 2 Team:

  • ​School Administrator
  • Behavior Specialist
  • School Counselor
  • School Psychologist 
  • Social Worker
  • Mental Health Specialist
  • Classroom Teacher
If interested in training, please complete the Tier 2 Readiness Guidelines Google Form

Click here for the Full Flyer:  22_23 PBIS Tier 2 Team Training.pdf

​​​Year 1: Installation 
​Scope and Sequence
​Day 1:
  • ​Introduction & Overview of​ Tier 2 Systems, Data, and Practices
  • Team Composition & Operating Procedures
  • Student Review Process: Data & Screening
Day 2: 
  • ​ABC's of Behavior
  • Critical Features of Tier 2 Interventions
  • Selecting Intervention Based on Student Need ​
​Day 3: 
  • Experiencing Check-In Check-Out
  • Critical Features of CICO 
  • Implementation Logistics
  • CICO FAQ's​
​Day 4: 
  • ​Adaptations of CICO 
  • Tier 2 Tracking Tool 
  • Final Action Planning ​​

​​OCDE 2022-23 Cohort Training Dates: 10/11/22, 12/1/22, 2/8/23, 4/19/23

Year 2: Implementation
​Scope and Sequence
​Day 5:
  • CICO Implementation Check-In & Problem Solving
  • CICO Training for All Staff, Families, and Students
  • Measuring Outcomes: Fidelity and Student
​​Day 6: 
  • Exploring Additional Tier 2 Interventions
  • Hexagon Tool 
  • Annual Evaluation​