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Tier 3 Team Training

Tier 3: Intensive or Indicated practices are more individualized to meet the challenges of students who need more than Tiers 1 and Tiers 2 alone. This training will assist teams with building systems for identifying and providing highly individualized supports for youth with high level needs, as well as explore various Tier 3 interventions. OCDE offers two years of Tier 3 training: 

Tier 3 - Year 1 - Installation

This team training is designed for initial exploration and installation of Tier 3 PBIS intensive features. The Tier 3 Intervention Team learns systems and data elements while the Student Centered Team develops & implements an intervention plan for one student. During Year 1 Installation, OCDE provides:

  • 1 day of Intervention Team training
  • 3 days of Student Centered Team training
  • Technical assistance for teams

Tier 3 - Year 2 - Implementation - Teams must complete Tier 3 Installation before registering for Tier 3 Implementation

This team training is an extension of the Tier 3 Installation training, and is geared toward building capacity for Tier 3 Implementation with the Intervention Team. During Year 2 Implementation, OCDE provides:

  • 2 days of team training
  • Individual team technical assistance
  • Targeted training for fidelity of Tier 3 implementation

If interested in training, complete the Tier 3 Readiness Guidelines worksheet

Click here to complete the Tier 3​​ Readiness Guidelines google form