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SEL Strategies, Programs and Curriculum

​​SEL Three Signature Practices Playbook​
These evidence-based practices are detailed for users to integrate into their daily classroom routines or to use when working with adults to build their SEL competence, too. ​

Elementary Program Guide (CASEL)
This 2013 guide from CASEL provides a "consumer report" formatted review of 23  SEL programs designed for children in preschool through elementary school.

Secondary Program Guide (CASEL)
This 2015 guide from CASEL reviews evidence-based SEL programs designed for youth in middle and high school.

SEL Integration Matrix
A matrix adapted from CASEL identifies how to integrate the five SEL competencies into school-wide, classroom-wide, individual supports.

Guide of 25 SEL Programs
This 2017 guide from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Wallace Foundation reviews 25 SEL programs and provides a look inside programs.

Teaching Activities for Supporting SEL Competencies
This 2017 document from CASEL supports practitioners in identifying and incorporating the most common strategies used for SEL.

Supporting SEL with Evidence-based Programs
A 2018 resource from the Annie E. Casey Foundation describes strategies educational leaders and partners have successfully used to fund and sustain SEL program implementation. ​