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Adult SEL


​​​​​​SEL Self Assessment for Teachers
This 2014 tool from the Center on Great Teachers & Leaders assists teachers in reflecting on their social and emotional competencies and to identify professional learning experiences.

Well-Being and Social-Emotional Learning Resource Bank
This is a document with many linked resources on SEL and mindfulness resources for adults and educators addressing adult SEL competency, programs, practices, and research by the Yale Center for EQ.


Be Calm Practice Sessions​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Be Calm: Resources for Educators, Parents, & Youth​​ 

California Surgeon General's Playbook: Stress Relief for Caregivers and Kids during COVID19

Self-Care and Mi​​nd-Body Health

CASEL Pers​onal Reflection Tool
​This self-assessment tool from CASEL helps individuals understand their own social and emotional competence and reflect on strengths and ways to intentionally practice skills throughout the school day.

12 Strategies on Adult​ SEL Facilitation
From the CASEL District Resource Center, this outlines 12 Tools for Adult SEL that can be used in professional development.

Three Signature SEL Practices  Playbook
This Three Signature SEL Practices Playbook introduces some simple ways to get started with social and emotional learning. It is designed to help users create safe, generous, equity–centered, and productive
learning spaces for adults and students.