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California SEL Resources

​​​​​​Resources on this page have been specifically curated for California educators by state leaders and champions of social-emotional learning (SEL). They are intended to be used by any educator, in any role, to support building capacity, collaboration, and implementation of SEL.

Greater Good in Education California SEL Modules

In partnership with California's SEL Community of Practice, in 2020-2021 the Greater Good in Education developed modules specifically for county offices, districts, schools, and educators in California that could help support capacity-building and implementation of SEL through various topics. Each module topic provides context, facilitation tips, activities for individuals or groups, and additional resources for deeper learning. Below are the module topics that are free to any California educator who registers for a free account:

 Topic 1- Caring for Ourselves: The Science of Emotional Resilience

Topic 2- Safety and Belonging in Classrooms and Schools

Topic 3- Addressing Trauma and Adversity: Supporting Student Mental Health

Topic 4- Committing to Racial Equity and Cultural Responsiveness

Topic 5- Teaching for Social, Emotional, and Academic Development

Topic 6- Supporting SEL through Family and Community Engagement

To create a free account, make sure you use this specific link to register:

Once registered, you should be able to see the "California Social-Emotional Learning" drop-down in the gray banner in the upper right-hand corner. 


If you're unable to access the content once you're logged in, please send an email to to let GGSC know that you need  access—the team there can update your account.​​

California Educators Together website

California Educators Together is a community of practice designed to provide educators, administrators, specialists, and state program leads a common space to communicate, share strategies, and access resources. Join by creating a free account to add/share your own resources, create your own collections, create/share your own lesson plans, or start your own group as you collaborate with peers across the state.