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Foundational Knowledge


Introduction to Social and Emotional Learning
This slide deck introduces SEL to elementary school teachers and includes a focus on their SEL competence along with the "what", "why", and "how" of SEL by Lucy Vezzuto, PhD. Includes two videos.

Best Practices for SEL
Presentation slides from Best Practices for K-12 SEL conference session at the 2017 California MTSS Professional Learning Institute by Sandra Azevedo and Lucy Vezzuto, PhD.

Embedding SEL in the School Day
Presentation slides handout from a 2014 CASEL presentation Embedding Social Emotional Learning throughout the School Day to Support Social Interactions.

Sacramento City USD SEL Overview
Presentation slides from Sacramento City USD providing an overview of SEL, the impacts on student learning, and an outline of SCUSD's plan for implementation district-wide.

SEL Resources and Tools
Presentation to the Sacramento County Office of Education Regional SEL Community of Practice, 11/2018.

Systemic SEL and Leveraging Mental Health Partners
Presentation slides from Systematizing SEL and Leveraging Mental Health Partners to Meet Student Needs  session at the 2017 California Association of School Counselors annual conference.

Social and Emotional Learning: Why It Matters for Student Success
This presentation was designed for parents. Provides the what and why of SEL along with info on the California PTA's position statement on SEL.


​​​​What is Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)? (3:23)

SEL 101: What are the core competencies and key settings? (4:50)

Self-Awareness Competency (4:10) 

Self-Management Competency (4:32) 

Social Awareness Competency (4:00) 

Social Awareness in Students' Words (2:25, from Transforming Education)

Relationship Skills (3:36)  

Responsible Decision-Making (3:54)