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SEL Implementation Assessment

​​​​​​​​​​Prepare Your School for Systemic SEL Implementation​

Complete an SEL systems evaluation with our Implementation Assessment for Orange County Schools. 

WHY complete the assessment? The assessment can help SEL teams (or school-based leadership teams) determine where the school is in terms of SEL implementation and identify next steps.

HOW does it work? At the beginning of the scoring process, each person on the team completes the rubric individually (see PDF below). The team then decides a score collectively to each item using a consensus-building process that encourages equity of voice.  

WHAT is the result? Completing the assessment will help highlight areas of strength and opportunities for growth. These insights will help schools create a customized implementation plan for schoolwide SEL. For a brief overview of the concepts, CLICK HERE .​

The goal is to support schools as they begin to develop plans for integrating SEL on their campus as a means of supporting CA MTSS, positive school culture, and equitable environments for all students.  Here are some logistics to help you make the most of your time together.

  • We recommend a team of at least 3 people be involved in this process:
    • Administrator(s) AND 
    • Educator(s) Consider diverse roles and perspectives.  
    • Teams may also include pupil personnel staff and student support services professionals.
  • We recommend you provide each member a hard copy of the SEL School Implementation Assessment PDF to make individual scoring easier. 
  • Prior to beginning the process, identify one person for each of the following roles:
  • Recorder- Input information on the electronic survey. 
  • Facilitator- Facilitate the scoring process.

If you would like to complete this assessment independently as a school team, please follow along with the video here:  

SEL Implementation Assessment Video

SEL Implementation Assessment Survey Link ​​