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Continuous Improvement

Six Steps to Effective SEL Assessment

This infographic provides a process for selecting and using an SEL assessment by one of the leading researchers in the field.

Choosing and Using SEL Competency Assessments: What Schools and Districts Need to Know (new)
Provides guidance on how to choose and use SEL competency assessments, including benefits, challenges of measuring, what to consider when choosing an SEL assessment, and how to use the data. (November 2018)​

Social and Emotional Le​arning Assessment Guidance
A guide from the Minnesota Department of Education on the importance of assessing SEL, considerations for choosing assessment tools, and incorporating data-based decision making in SEL for school districts.

SEL Standards and Assessment (EDC)
This guide provides information on SEL standards, assessment, and guidance on implementation in a pre-school through elementary school setting.  

Student Social and Emotional Competence Assessment: Current State of the Field and a Vision for Its Future
A review of the purpose and practice of assessing youth SEL competence by the CASEL Assessment Work Group. It presents the policy and practice context of SEL assessments including different assessment methods,  culturally relevant assessment, coordinating assessments to standards and programs, use of date, and more.​

Measurement Tools

CASEL Online SEL Assessment Guide (new)
The Assessment Guide provides several resources for practitioners to select and use measures of student SEL, including guidance on how to select an assessment and use student SEL data, a catalog of SEL assessments equipped with filters and bookmarking, and real-world accounts of how practitioners are using SEL assessments. Users must register to access it.

Social, Emotional, Behavior Screening Instruments

This chart of screeners comes from and is a resource for Tier 3 interventions.  ​

CASEL Compendium of SEL Elementary Assessments
This compendium provides an overview of tools to assess the social and emotional learning for preschool through elementary-aged students. Published in 2010 by the University of Illinois-Chicago and CASEL.

The RAND Assessment Finder
Web-based tool that provides information about assessments of K-12 students' interpersonal, intrapersonal, and higher-order cognitive competencies.

SEL Assessment Measures for Middle School Youth
This document reviews tools to assess the social and emotional learning of middle school students. Published in 2011 from the Raikes Foundation. 

Compendium of SEL Competency Measures

This is the third of a three volumes series to support Strive Together communities in the assessment of social-emotional competencies. This resource includes a collection of instruments aimed to measure five competencies in school-aged youth. ​