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Student SEL

​​​​​​Explicit Instruction
SEL Three Signature Practices Playbook​

These evidence-based practices are detailed for users to integrate into their daily classroom routines or to use when working with adults to build their SEL competence, too. ​

CASEL’s SEL Program Guide
The adoption of evidence-based programs is key to providing consistent, high-quality SEL opportunities for all students. To support educators in selecting a high-quality SEL program, the Program Guide serves as a Consumer report-style product that showcases well-designed, evidence-based SEL programs (pre-kindergarten through high school) and the impact they have on student and/or teacher outcomes.

Guide of 25 SEL Programs

This 2017 guide from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Wallace Foundation reviews 25 SEL programs and provides a look inside programs.

SEL Integration Matrix
A matrix adapted from CASEL identifies how to integrate the five SEL competencies into school-wide, classroom-wide, individual supports.

​Integrated SEL
Teaching Activities for Supporting SEL Competencies

This 2017 document from CASEL supports practitioners in identifying and incorporating the most common strategies used for SEL.


Supporting SEL with Evidence-based Programs
A 2018 resource from the Annie E. Casey Foundation describes strategies educational leaders and partners have successfully used to fund and sustain SEL program implementation. ​​