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California SEL

California Guide to SEL Resources
California Dept of Education developed a curated guide to online SEL resources linked to the state SEL guidelines.

SEL Embedded into Core Education Documents
NEW! This comprehensive guide reviews where SEL is embedded into California's K-12 core education documents including all the content area frameworks. SEL Embedded into Core Education Documents-one page overview chart

California's Social and Emotional Guidelines
California's Social and Emotional Guidelines announced in 2018 created to inform and support local SEL implementation using evidence and research-based practices.

One-Page on SEL Guidelines in CA
One-page summary of the five California guidelines for social and emotional learning.

Encouraging SEL: Next Steps for States
This 2018 brief from CASEL discusses recommendations for state agencies on the incorporation of SEL into accountability and continuous improvement plans.

Emerging Insights from States' Efforts to Strengthen Social and Emotional Learning
This CASEL brief shares 8 key learnings from state and school district practices including customizing the approach to SEL, addressing equity and cultural competence, and supporting professional development.