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Online Learning Modules: Role of the School Counselor in MTSS

​​​​​​​​OCDE contracted with Hatching Results, LLC to create online learning modules for school counselors to engage in an independent study of the Role of School Counselor in MTSS.  The learning modules are free and housed here on the OCDE MTSS webpage.  District leaders are encouraged to access the learning modules in order to facilitate professional learning across the district school counseling department. There are four modules in all. The expected time to complete the modules as an individual is approximately 16 hours  but of course longer if learning as a group.

Module 1 acquaints  learners with current movements and national standards in the profession of school counseling, as well as the statewide implementation of a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) ultimately informing the learner of the alignment between CA Ed. Code, American School Counseling Association’s (ASCA) National Model, and MTSS.


Module 2 acquaints learners with the role of the school counselor in MTSS which is referred to as a Multi-Tiered, Multi-Domain System of Supports (MTMDSS).  MTMDSS is a delivery model for direct and indirect school counseling services. Module 2 will elevate awareness of the capacity within school counselors to be integral members of site and district leadership teams. 


Module 3 will provide a  deep dive into Tier I school counseling services  which include Core Curriculum, Individual Student Planning, and School Wide Programs and Activities within a MTMDSS. Learners will develop a scope and sequence for their Tier 1 curriculum.


Module 4 will introduce the scope of Tier 2 within  MTMDSS. Tier 2 provides ​intentional targeted interventions for students who are identified by pre-scheduled and predetermined data screening elements. ​



Would you like to earn university credit to move over on the pay scale or CEUs for these modules? 

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