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Information for Students and Parents


As an AVID student, you must commit to a challenging and rigorous curriculum. This college track will help you excel in your academics, making college an attainable goal. As an AVID student, you will: 

  • Take individual responsibility for your own success.
  • Want to succeed.
  • Believe you can succeed.
  • Exhibit positive attitudes toward yourself and others.
  • Be open to new experiences in all phases of the program.
  • Want to become an independent learner.
  • Come to class prepared.
  • Serve as a role model for other students.
  • Share your work for the purpose of improving it.
  • Be willing to study in groups.
  • Keep your parents informed of your progress.
  • Become involved in campus activities.
The Carlston Family Foundation​ honors outstanding California public high school teachers who make a huge difference in their students' lives.


As an AVID parent, there are things you can do to support your child’s academic success. As an AVID parent, you will: 

  • Support the academic goals of your student.
  • Show interest in your student’s schoolwork.
  • Provide your student a time and place to study.
  • Be insistent and supportive that your student completes homework assignments.
The California Department of Education (CDE) has many resources for how you can become more involved in your child’s education. Visit CDE Parent/Family for more information.
Breaking through the Barriers: Empowering Low-Income Communities, Schools, & Families for College Opportunity & Student Financial Aid (PDF) - from USC

Student Quotes

"AVID opened my eyes and let me dream for once." - Jessica Chavez, Class of ‘08 

"Without AVID, I would not have been this close on accomplishing one of my goals: to go to a university."  - Yajaira Lopez, Class of ‘08
"Before AVID, I didn’t care about where I wanted to attend college or what I wanted to be. Now I know what my priorities are."  - Cynthia Martinez, Class of ‘08

"I lost all hope in myself, AVID was there to help me believe differently upon myself." - Matthew Montano, Class of ‘08 
"AVID has sparked my interest in going to college to pursue my goal of obtaining a biology degree, but above all, to experience something unknown to me."  - Javier Moreno, Class of ‘08